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Explore the rich Celtic tradition with the Serpent Head Torc Bangle, a striking pewter open bangle adorned with embossed knotwork and twin serpent heads.


PLEASE NOTE: repeated bending of this product may cause it to weaken or break.


Torcs were significant in Celtic history, often worn by warriors and chieftains as a symbol of high status. These arm and neck bands, found throughout Britain and Europe, hold deep historical significance. In Celtic mythology, serpents represent light, life, and divine wisdom. Believed to originate from the depths of the earth, they were considered guardians of hidden treasures, medicinal secrets, and esoteric knowledge.


Width (excluding heads): 6mm, Internal Width: 62mm (adjustable to fit)


This bangle comes in a satin-lined recyclable gift box, combining ancient Celtic symbolism with contemporary craftsmanship.
Made in Cornwall by St Justin


Serpent head torc bangle


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