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Charming Running Hare Stud Earrings, featuring delicate pewter hares on sterling silver posts, complemented by stainless steel scrolls.


Width: 14mm, Length: 9.5mm


The hare, a creature rich in symbolism across various cultures, represents femininity, longevity, and rebirth, and is closely linked to the lunar cycle. In Anglo-Saxon mythology, the moon goddess Ostara is often depicted with a hare's head, while the Celtic goddess Eostre, associated with the moon and spring, was believed to transform into a hare during the full moon. Revered by the Celts, hares and rabbits played a significant role in divination and shamanic practices.


These earrings, presented in a recyclable gift box, capture the essence of these mythological associations, making them a subtle yet meaningful accessory.

Made in Cornwall by St Justin

Running hare stud earrings


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