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Embrace the symbol of love and courage with our Miracle Ornate Heart Earrings. These pewter heart-shaped earrings feature a delicate entwined heart detail and a striking red enamel center.

Hang on surgical steel ear wires.

Hearts represent love in all its many aspects and they are also seen as symbolising having heart, the power of courage and will. To the ancient Egyptians it was the heart, rather than the brain, which was seen as the organ that held the person�s mind and soul.

Width: 11mm Legth (inc drop) 35mm (approximately)


Hearts have long been recognized as symbols of love in its many forms, representing courage, willpower, and the essence of our emotions. This pendant not only reflects love's beauty but also its strength.


Presented in a recyclable gift box and made in Cornwall by St Justin

Ornate heart drop earrings - red enamel


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