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Step into the mystical world of ancient divination with our Casting Rune Set. This collection features 25 pewter casting runes, each intricately crafted, accompanied by detailed instructions for divination practices.


Each Rune: Approx. Width: 16mm, Height: 23mm


Runes, traditionally used for divination and magic, likely predate their use as a written alphabet. One common method involves randomly selecting a rune from the bag and reflecting on its meaning and relevance, often in search of wisdom or answers to specific questions. Many rune users incorporate this practice into their daily ritual, starting their day with a single rune to meditate on and carry with them, fostering a deeper connection and understanding throughout the day.


Each set is presented in a velvet draw-string pouch, making it a perfect tool for those delving into the art of rune reading or as a meaningful gift for those interested in ancient practices and wisdom.

Casting rune set


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